About Us

Who (or what) is ‘ARIMOOP’?

The Migrating Out of Poverty (MOOP) Research Programme Consortium focuses on the relationship between migration and poverty and is located in six regions across Asia, Africa and Europe. The Asia Research Institute (NUS) is one of the MOOP partner institutes.

The goal of the RPC is to maximise the poverty-reducing and developmental impacts of migration, and to minimise the costs and risks of migration for the poor. We seek to generate new knowledge, engage policymakers, and build capacity to understand and research migration and poverty linkages.

Team members

Prof Brenda Yeoh – Cluster Leader
Dr. Maria Platt – Research Fellow
Dr. Silvia Mila Arlini – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr. Theodora Lam – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Khoo Choon Yen – Research Assistant
Charmian Goh – Research Assistant
Kellynn Wee – Research Assistant/Communications Officer

moop logo CROPPED

ARI logo

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